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[170]    L.Angrisani, P.Daponte, C.Dias: "Performance assessment according to IEC 1083-2 standard of a Wavelet Packet transform based method for measuring the parameters of the high voltage impulses". Measurement, Elsevier Pubs., vol.33, No.1, Jan. 2003, pp.95-108.


[171]    L.Bechou, D.Dallet, Y.Danto, P.Daponte, Y.Ousten, S.Rapuano: "An improved method for automatic detection and location of defects in electronic components using scanning ultrasonic microscopy". IEEE Trans. on Instrum. and Meas., vol.52, No.1, Feb. 2003, pp.135-142.


[172]    P. Arpaia, P.Daponte, S.Rapuano: "Characterisation of digitizer timebase jitter by means of the Allan variance". Computer Standards and Interfaces, vol.25, No.1, March 2003, pp.15-22.


[173]    R.Lojacono, M.Re, M.Caciotta, F.Leccese, D.Petri, A.Moschitta, C.Gennarelli, G.Riccio, P.Daponte, S.Rapuano, D.Grimaldi, S.Graziani, S.Sangiovanni: "Perspectives of QoS management based on QoAS for 3G communication systems". Special Issue on Broadband Mobile Terrestrial-Satellite Integrated Systems, Int. Journal on Wireless Personal Communications, vol.24, No.2, pp.249-273, 2003.


[174]    P.Daponte, S.Rapuano, G.Truglia: "An improved image processing-based method for disturbance classification in telecommunication networks". Proc. of IMTC 2003- Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Vail, CO, USA, 20-22 May 2003, pp.321-326.


[175]    P.Daponte, D.Grimaldi, V.Haasz, L.Michaeli, J.Saliga: "A two years experience from the International  Summer School on Data Acquisition Systems". Proc. of XVII IMEKO World Congress, June 22-27, 2003, Dubrovnik (Croatia), pp.75-78.


[176]    M.Borsic, D.Ilic, N.Milanovic, L.Ferkovic, P.Daponte, A.Cimitile, S.Rapuano, M.Marinov, A.Aiello, G.Mercurio, G.Truglia, V.Gasljevic, R.Vulpe, "Estimation of the uncertainty in measurement of the electrical energy-Italian-Croatian project". Proc. of XVII IMEKO World Congress, Dubrovnik (Croatia), June 22-27, 2003, pp.865-867.


[177]    P.Arpaia, F.Cennamo, P.Daponte, H.Schumny: "Modeling and characterization of Sigma-Delta analog-to-digital converters". IEEE Trans. on Instrumentation and Measurement, vol.52, No.3, June 2003, pp.978-983.


[178]    P.Daponte, et al., IEEE Std 181, "IEEE standard on transitions, pulses, and related waveforms", 7 July 2003.


[179]    P.Daponte, G.Mercurio, S.Rapuano, G.Truglia: "An image processing-based method for stress classification in digital telecommunication networks". IEEE Trans. on Instrumentation and Measurement, vol.52, No.4, Aug. 2003, pp.1243-1250.


[180]    P.Daponte, L.Michaeli, S.Rapuano: "Real-time implementation of a method for ADC nonlinearity reduction". Proc. of 8th IMEKO TC-4 Wokshop on Modelling and Testing, Perugia, Sept., 2003, pp.281-284.


[181]    P. Arpaia,  P.Daponte, S.Rapuano: "A state of the art on ADC Modelling". Invited paper to 4th IEE ADDA-7th IMEKO TC-4 Wokshop on Modelling and Testing, Prague, Czech Rep., June, 2002, pp.151-156. Computer Standards and Interfaces, vol.26, 2003, pp.31-42.


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LESIM group ranked first by the Italian Agency for the Electrical and Electronic Measurement

We are proud to announce that the LESIM group has been ranked at the first place among the medium size groups (indicated as Sannio in the table) and at the second absolute place in the evaluation carried out by the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of the Research among all the Italian research groups in Electrical and Electronic Measurement (SSD ING-INF/07 in the table).

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