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Research collaborations

International collaborations
LESIM has established outstanding international collaborations for ongoing research activities.
Collaboration with the Microelectronic Laboratory of the University of Bordeaux aims at the development of an instrument prototype to measure thin thickness by means of ultrasound.
Models and methods for ADC and DAC characterization are being carried out in collaboration with the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Berlin, the Microelectronic Laboratory of the University of Westminster in London, the Telecommunication Department of the Technical University of Kosice (SK).
New methods for the automatic detection and classification of transients are the topic that the collaboration held with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Oporto is based on.

Bilateral agreements have been activated for ERASMUS program with details being available at the ERASMUS office.

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Il dott. Francesco Picariello, del Laboratorio di Elaborazione dei Segnali e delle Informazioni di Misura dell’Università del Sannio, terrà un seminario didattico nell’ambito del corso di Fisica applicata alla Biologia: “L’uso degli smartphone in campo biomedico”. Martedì 21/11, Ore 14-16, Aula 15. Per illustrare le potenzialità (ed i limiti) dell’uso dei sensori nelle tecnologie “mobile” in biologia e medicina.
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