UAVs are becoming increasingly important professional as well as scientific tools. In order to stay competitive in such a fast-paced environment and to lead cutting-edge research, UAV UNISANNIO Lab has been established at the University of Sannio. It allows rapid prototyping as well as the testing and deploying of new technologies. Special attention is paid to measurements for UAVs and development of UAVs for measurement applications.

The UAV UNISANNIO Lab is an exciting place where the latest research and technology in software and systems engineering, robotics, and sensor networks converges to develop more capable and dependable UAVs. Physical interactions with drones, precise indoor and outdoor positioning, sophisticated sensor fusion for remote sensing and autonomous navigation are some of the core research areas of the lab.

One of the main facilities of the lab is the safety cage, where various technologies are evaluated on smaller drones before being deployed on larger ones. This is also where various technologies for the precise positioning of drones are tested before field trials. Numerous high-risk environments can be simulated in a controlled setting.

UAV UNISANNIO Lab provides testing services to companies involved in UAV equipment manufacturing.

UAV UNISANNIO Lab has been created thanks to the support of the University of Sannio in Benevento and the Award “Faculty Course Development” offered by IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Society.

The award was received by Prof. Luca De Vito.

UAV UNISANNIO Lab is an initiative of the Group of Electric and Electronic Measurements of University of Sannio, more information at

We are generally always recruiting participants for studies with drones. If you would be interested in participating, please email with the subject “UNISANNIO Lab for Unmanned Systems for Measurements”.
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