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Anno 1999

[113]    L.Angrisani, P.Daponte, M.D'Apuzzo: "A method for the automatic detection and measurement of transients. Part I: The measurement method", Measurement, vol.25, No.1, 1999, pp.19-30.

L.Angrisani, P.Daponte, M.D'Apuzzo: "A method for the automatic detection and measurement of transients. Part II: Applications", Measurement, vol.25, No.1, 1999, pp.31-40.


[114]    P.Arpaia, P.Daponte, D.Grimaldi, L.Michaeli: "Systematic error correction for experimentally modelled sensor by using ANNs". Proc. of IEEE IMTC/99, Venice, Italy, 24-26/May/1999, vol.3, pp.1635-1640.


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[116]    L.Angrisani, P.Daponte, C.Liguori, A.Pietrosanto: "An image-based measurement system for the characterization of automotive gaskets". Measurement, vol.25, No.3, 1999, pp.169-181.


[117]    P.Arpaia, P.Daponte, L.Michaeli: "A dynamic error model for integrating analog-to-digital converters", Measurement, vol.25, No.4, June 1999, pp.255-264.


[118]    P.Arpaia, F.Cennamo, P.Daponte, "Metrological characterisation of analog-to-digital converters - a state of the art", Proc. of 3rd IEE Int. Conf. on "Advanced A/D and D/A Conversion Techniques and their Applications", IEE ADDA-99, Glasgow (UK), 26-28/July/1999, pp.134-144.


[119]    P.Daponte, D.Grimaldi, L.Michaeli: "Analogue neural network design for the processing of measurement signals". Measurement, vol.26, No.1, 1999, pp.1-17.


[120]    L.Angrisani, P.Daponte, M.D'Apuzzo, A.Pietrosanto: "A VXI power quality analyser implementing a wavelet transform based measurement procedure". Measurement, vol.26, 1999, pp.91-102.


[121]    L.Angrisani, P.Daponte, C.Dias, A.Valle: "A wavelet based approach for measurements on high voltage impulses". Proc. of Eleventh International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering, London, 23-27 August 1999, vol. 1, pp.1.205.P4-1.208-P4.


[122]    P.Arpaia, F.Cennamo, P.Daponte: "An error correction technique for scan conversion-based transient digitizers". IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, vol.48, n.4, August, 1999, pp.785-792.


[123]    P.Arpaia, P.Daponte, I.Kale: "Metrological characterization of high-performance D-S modulator for instrumentation". Proc. of 4th IMEKO International Workshop on ADC Modelling and Testing, Bordeaux (F), 9-10/Sept./1999, pp.128-131.


[124]    P.Arpaia, P.Daponte, L.Michaeli, L.Iannelli: "A method for the optimal compensation of dynamic nonlinearity in SAR ADCs", Proc. of 4th "IMEKO International Workshop on ADC Modelling and Testing", Bordeaux (F), 9-10/Sept./1999, pp.159-165.


[125]    P.Arpaia, P.Daponte, Y.D.Sergeyev, "A-priori statistical parameter design of ADCs by a global optimisation algorithm with local tuning", Proc. of 4th "IMEKO International Workshop on ADC Modelling and Testing", Bordeaux (F), 9-10/Sept./1999, pp.236-244.


[126]    L.Bechou, L.Angrisani, Y.Ousten, D.Dallet, P.Daponte, Y.Danto: "Localization of defects in die-attach assembly by continuous wavelet transform using scanning acoustic microscopy", Microelectronics Reliability, Pergamon, vol.39, 1999, pp.1095-1101.


[127]    A.Aiello, P.Daponte, D.Grimaldi, L.Michaeli: "Artificial neural network for DTMF decoders", Proc. of Int. Conf. on Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence, Brest, Belarus, October 12-15, 1999, pp.110-116.


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[129]    P.Daponte, D.Grimaldi, A.Molinaro, Ya.D.Sergeyev: "Two methods for solving optimization problems arising in electronic measurements and electrical engineering". SIAM Journal Opt., vol.10, No.1, 1999, pp.1-21.


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Best Paper of the Special Session "Multimedia tools for education in instrumentation and measurement" all'articolo:

G. Andria, A. Baccigalupi, M. Borsic, P. Carbone, P. Daponte, C. De Capua, A. Ferrero, D. Grimaldi, A. Liccardo, N. Locci, A. M. L. Lanzolla, D. Macii, C. Muscas, L. Peretto, D. Petri, S. Rapuano, M. Riccio, S. Salicone, F. Stefani,
"Remote Didactic Laboratory "G. Savastano": the Italian Experience for the E-learning at the Technical Universities in the Field of the Electrical and Electronic Measurements, Architecture and Delivered Services",
IEEE IMTC/2006, Sorrento (Italy), April 24-27, 2006, pp. 998-1002

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