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Anno 1994

[51]      A.Baccigalupi, P.Daponte, M.D'Apuzzo: "An improved error model of data acquisition systems". IEEE Trans. on Instrum. and Meas., vol. 43, No.2, April 1994, pp.220-225.


[52]      P.Daponte, A.Falcomata', A.Testa: "A multiple deep attenuation frequency window for harmonic analysis in power systems". IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, vol.9, No.2, April 1994, pp.863-871.


[53]      P.Daponte, L.Nigro, F.Tisato: "Virtual laboratory: an object-oriented framework". Proc. of IEEE Instrum. and Meas. Technical Conf., Hamamatsu (Japan), 10-12/May/1994, vol.S, pp.11-16.


[54]      F.Cennamo, P.Daponte, D.Grimaldi, E.Loizzo: "Testing the performances of neural A/D converter", Proc. of IEEE Instrum. and Meas. Technical Conf., Hamamatsu (Japan), 10-12/May/1994, vol.2, pp.899-902.


[55]      P.Daponte, D.Grimaldi, A.Molinaro, Ya.D.Sergeyev: "An algorithm for a reliable search of switching times". Proc. of IEEE Workshop on Advanced Mathematical Methods in Electrical and Electronic Measurements, Villa Olmo, Como, 6-8/July/1994, pp.229-240.


[56]      P.Arpaia, F.Cennamo, P.Daponte, M.D'Apuzzo: "Diagnosis of analog to digital converters by means of Walsh transform". Proc. of 13th IMEKO World Congress, Torino, 5-9/Sept./1994, pp.398-403.


[57]      F.Cennamo, P.Daponte, D.Grimaldi, E.Loizzo: "Neural networks for A/D converters". Proc. of 13th IMEKO World Congress, Torino, 5-9/Sept./1994, pp.2313-2318.


[58]      F.Avallone, P.Daponte, D.Grimaldi: "Performance analysis on electronically compensated current transformers affected by conducted and radiated interferences". Proc. of Int. Symp. on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Rome, 13-16/Sept./ 1994, vol.II, pp.782-787.


[59]      A.Baccigalupi, P.Daponte, D.Grimaldi: "On circuit theory approach to evaluate the stray capacitances of two coupled inductors". IEEE Trans. on Instrum. and Meas., vol.43, No.5, October 1994, pp.774-776.


[60]      P.Daponte, E.Loizzo, A.Molinaro: "Convertitori analogico/numerici". Centro Editoriale e Librario dell'Universita' degli Studi della Calabria, Rende (CS), Ott. 1994, pp.132.


[61]      P.Daponte, D.Grimaldi, E.Loizzo, L.Michaeli, L.Caputo: "A new approach of analogue neural networks design for analogue-digital converter". Proc. of Electronic Devices and Systems Conference, Brno, Czech Republic, 22-23/Nov./1994, pp.84-87.


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6 apr 2009 Laurea Honoris Causa in Ingegneria al Prof. Pasquale Daponte

presso l'Universitatea Tehnica "Gheorghe Asachi" di Iasi, Romania: "for outstanding contributions in the field of Electrical Measurements and for Important contribution to the development of the collaboration between our Universities"

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