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Electronic Measurements

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Electronic Measurements

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Year: 2
: 2
Duration: 14 weeks
Numebr of ECTS credits: 6
Lecturers: 40 hours
Laboratory: 20 hours

Status of the course in the study programme
    Compulsory course for the students of the degree course in telecommunication engineering.

Course description
     The theoretical part includes the study of statistic methods for the analysis of experimental data. Units and references. Analogue and digital electronic instrumentation (voltmeters, ammeters, multimeters, counters). Measurement methods (Wheatstone bridge, a.c. bridges). Hints on automatic measurement systems. Electromagnetic compatibility. The experimental part includes laboratory activities on basic instrumentation and methods. In particular, the students characterize from the metrological point of view electrical and electronic components. They verify the accuracy of a voltmeter or ammeter by using a statistical approach. They measure the main parameters characterizing an amplifier. They measure period, frequency, phase angle and frequency ratio by means of a digital oscilloscope. They use a spectrum/network analyzer.

Objectives of the course
     The Electronic Measurements course furnishes the theoretical basis for the processing of experimental data and a first practical experience of processing of measurement signals. As a consequence the course is divided in two parts; a theoretical part and an experimental part. Some technical visits are included in the programme.

    Basic knowledge of informatics and electronics.

Teaching aids

Examination method
    Examination, including discussion on the experimental activities, upon appointment.

Registration for course: Yes.

Registration for examination
    Yes, with lecturer, personally or by phone.

Scripts referring to the actual topics distributed during lectures,
Oppenhaim, Shafer, Elaborazione numerica dei segnali.

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6 apr 2009 Laurea Honoris Causa in Engineering to Prof. Pasquale Daponte

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