Measurements on Computer Networks

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Year: 2
Semester: 2
Duration: 14 weeks
Number of ECTS credits: 6
Lecturets: 27 hours
Laboratory: 27 hours

Status of the course in the study programme
    Optional course

Course description
     Object of the lectures will be the methods and the instrumentation for monitoring and testing o computer networks. The instrumentation for the characterization of today's computer networks and network devices (routers, switches) will be analyzed and used in practical cases. An overview about protocol testing methodologies and instruments will be given and the interoperability testing will be introduced. Finally protocols for network management will be discussed.

Objectives of the course
     The lectures and the laboratory experiments will give to the students methodologies and ability to work on the diagnostics and the metrological characterization of the computer network devices. The course is highly oriented to laboratory activities.

    Computer networks
Electronical measurements

Teaching aids
    Papers and slides given by the lecturer.

Examination method
    Oral examination with a discussion of personal works given during the course.

Registration for course: Yes

Registration for examination

A. Tanenbaum, "Computer networks" (IV ed.), Pearson, Prentice Hall,
C. F. Coombs, "Electronic Instrument Handbook", McGraw-Hill,
D. Mauro, K. Schmidt, "Essential SNMP", O'Really,
Papers given during the lectures.

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